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To finish the Amazon Alexa Setup you have to download Alexa App or visit to Follow the On-screen Instruction to Complete the Alexa Setup. In Settings Select Setup a new Device. Select the Alexa Device you want to Setup like Amazon Echo Tap Setup, Amazon Echo Dot Setup, Amazon Echo Show Setup, Amazon Echo Spot Setup and other many more. Press continue button and wait for the Orange light to display on your device. Once It’s On, Connect the Alexa gadget to the Wireless network name Amazon-xxx. Now simply ahead and Finish the Setup in your Alexa App to complete the Setup.Just enter the network type and a valid digits of the password.Once the Amazon Echo setup is completed, then you will see a display message on your screen that your device is connected successfully. Download

Simply just visit and create a new account and login into your Amazon account. Now go to Setting where you can choose a device to setup as shown in fig. Now select one from the list, which device you have to connect.

Echo-Setup Dot Setup

Now select the language which is available in the list and turn on your echo dot by press button. When your device’s blue light converts into orange light that means your device is turned to on. After that Connect  Echo Dot to WiFi Network. The Amazon Echo dot can be associated with external speakers to the Bluetooth or with physical cables.

Echo Tap Setup Setup

Connect to Echo Dot with a wireless network. It’ll be called be also called Amazon-2Q3. Always the last 3 digits is different.after connecting successfully to Alexa it will say ” You’ve connected to Echo”.

Echo Dot Setup amazon Alexa Tap Setup

If you have Amazon Echo Tap device and you Don’t know about Amazon Echo Tap Setup, then we have a team of experts.You can call us for Instant Help :+1-888-745-1666.

Echo Tap Setup Echo Setup

You can directly call us our technical support team for complete guidance help for Amazon Echo Setup. We will instruct to you manually that how to download Alexa App and how to connect your Echo device with Wi-Fi.

Echo-Setup Echo Plus Setup

When you are trying to connect your Echo Plus to wifi then you have to choose or select your Echo Plus from the list which is displayed to you on the screen. Learn more how to reset or re-connect your Echo Plus visit our website.

echo-plus-setup Echo Look Setup

The Echo look needs to be plugged into the adapter of power and then into the power outlet. You will see the light ring on your Echo Look device will turn blue when turned on and switch to orange when ready to use.


Online Chat With Our Technical Support Team or Call at : +1-888-745-1666 To know more that how to set up, installing and troubleshooting Alexa Echo Devices.