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How To Set Up Alexa Dot?

Setup Echo Dot To Wifi

Alexa Dot is a hands-free smart speaker that works based on voice recognition. Setup Alexa To Wi-fi and you can have most of your work done by just instructing the device to do so. The inbuilt features support the speaker device to make phone calls for you, send text messages, manage your smart home by operating fans, lights, garage doors and more, plays music for you as per demand, gets you information and also reads out Audiobooks for you from Audible. All you need to do is pair the device with Alexa and Setup Echo Dot To WiFi. Many have queries on how to Setup Alexa To Wi-Fi and here is a simple and easy guide to the full process to Setup Echo Dot To Wi-Fi.

How To Go Setup Alexa To Wi-Fi?

Here Is An Easy Guide On How To Set Up Echo Dot To Wi-fi.

  • Download The Alexa App:

Find the Alexa App in the play store on your smartphone and download it for free, or use the browser: Smart devices with Fire OS 3.0 or higher, Android 4.4 or higheroriOS 8.0 or higher support the download of this app.

  • Turn On The Speaker:

Place your Alexa Dot Speaker in the center of a room with at least 20 centimeters of space from the walls of the rooms. Connect it to a power adapter or outlet and wait for the light ring on the speaker to turn orange.

  • Connect The Speaker To A Wi-Fi Network:

To Setup Echo Dot to Wi-Fi, follow the guidance of the Alexa App. The app will guide you to press the action button, open the App, go to the menu, choose Alexa devices and add Alexa device. If this process fails, restart the device by removing and plugging in the device again and resetting it to factory settings.

  • Connect With Alexa:

Your process of Setting Up Amazon Dotto Wifi is now done and is ready to use! Just say the word “Alexa” to get started.