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An introduction to Echo devices and Alexa

If you’re looking to buy an echo device or if you have already got one, you’re probably wondering how to set it up. Here is a simple guide on how to install the all new echo device.

  1. Setup Echo Dot– First, Download Alexa App For Echo Dot Setup visit http Once you have the Alexa device up and running on the Wi-Fi network, there are few things you need to do before using the device. For starters, you might want to setup a different ‘Wake word’ for your device. Go to the Settings tab and select a desired wake word. Next, you can set up the hands free mode. You can control the device’s tap feature with your voice, without using the microphone button;. You can enable the hands-free mode through the Alexa app. Alexa can also recognize your voice and play music from your playlist, rather than another family member’s playlist. You should activate this feature by setting up your voice profile through a series of prompts. Once you have done this, Alexa can recognize your voice across all Echo devices and third party devices that are alexa-enabled.

Amazon Echo Dot Setup

Skills for Alexa have been developed by third party developers. You can play games, take quizzes, follow fitness routines and much more. To add a skill, you can do so manually by just using the app or by using your voice. You can delete recordings by going to settings, and History. Select a recording and click Delete Voice Recording to delete it. If you want to delete everything, go to and choose your devices then hit Manage Voice Recordings to delete them.

2. Setup Echo Plus – Don’t forget to Download the Alexa App for Echo Plus Setup by visit https Once the setup is complete, you can further set up the Echo plus to turn your home into a smart home hub. This means that every gadget, light, door, etc within your home can be controlled using the Echo plus. While new features are still being added to this device, Amazon has truly outdone themselves with the benefits that the Echo Plus brings to the table. This device saves time, eliminates confusion and appeals to old and new users as it beefs up what once can do after getting connected to all the smart home devices using the Alexa app. To get connected, first plug in and power on the device you want Alexa to connect to. Then, go to the smart home section in the Alexa app and press the corresponding button for the same. Your device should discover new devices now. Next, the app will show discovered devices with a blue outline. Select the one you wish to connect with. From here on out, everything should be pretty straightforward.

Amazon Echo Plus setup

3. Setup Echo Tap– First, make sure that you download alexa app for echo Tap setup by visit https tap speaker is a portable device with powerful inbuilt speakers with amazing range and clarity. You can play music, listen to the news or weather forecast and also have it read out your audio books. Many more features are available and all of them can be used through voice control. Control your smart home by turning off lights, fans or opening specific doors with your Echo Tap device. This device is compact and can be placed anywhere – your kitchen, balcony, bedroom, just anywhere! But keep it at least 20 centimeters away from walls or windows for best sound quality. As the device develops, plenty of new features are being added to it.

Echo tap Setup

4. Setup Echo Show – First, you will need to Download the Alexa App for Echo Show Setup process. You can download the same from the Amazon appstore, Apple App Store or Google Play. You can also directly download it using safari, chrome, firefox, microsoft edge, by visiting

Now that you’ve downloaded and setup your Echo Show, here are a couple of things you can do to get started and familiarize yourself with your Echo Show.

Amazon Echo Show Setup

We have some tips and tricks for your Echo show device that will help you use the device more effectively. First, make sure you Download the Alexa App for Echo Show Setup by visit https and you have completed all the steps to successfully set it up. When this is complete, you can start of by turning your Echo Show device into your very own digital photo frame. To try this, create an album in Prime Photos and tell Alexa to display your album as a slideshow. (Alexa, show my [album name] album”). You can adjust the slideshow speed by going to settings and then choose display.Next, you can start video calling! Place a video call to any other Echo Show owner or you can receive one as well! Just say “ Alexa, call [name of contact].” Note that the contact you’re trying to call should have already have been listed on your contact screen on the Alexa app. To toggle the video feature just say, “Video [off / on]” or you can also touch the off/on button on the screen. If you are receiving a video or voice call, the Echo show will set off an alarm and it will glow green. You can just say “Answer” or “Ignore” or tap the buttons on the Alexa app. To finish a call you can just say “Hang up,” or tap the button on the Alexa app.

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