Setup Echo Plus

For Echo Plus Setup you will require to Download Alexa App to Setup Echo Plus from the on your operating system(OS) on your mobile device, tablet or desktop. Amazon Alexa is one the best voice-enabled digital assistants available in the market today because it gets regular updates, is high on affordability and new skills are frequently added to its already long list of functions. So what does Alexa do? Alexa is a service companion to help ease out some of your daily work just through voice interaction. You can speak to Alexa in your natural voice and Alexa will respond instantly ready to perform tasks for you. Alexa is built on cloud technology so it becomes even smarter as you continue to interact with it. It can adapt to your voice patterns, daily routines, preferences and vocabulary.

Alexa can function with two kinds of devices- devices which have Alexa built-in and devices which Alexa can control. Amazon came out with the first Alexa built-in device, Amazon Echo, in November 2014 and since then has added many devices to the list. This now includes Amazon Echo Tap, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Plus and Fire HD tablets. Apart from these Amazon devices, there are several other device which work with Alexa like smart home switches, dimmers, lights, smart thermostats, security camera, smart hubs, smart sprinklers and door locks.

Setup Echo Plus

Alexa can help you set up reminders, play music, manage calls, get weather updates, read e-books, manage smart home devices, use it as an intercom with other Alexa devices, order food online or hail a cab. Say the default wakeup work is “Alexa” followed by what would you like Alexa to do and see it get to work for you, completely hands-free. Like say, “Alexa, what’s the weather going to like in Bengaluru today?” and hear Alexa tell you the high and low of the weather with specifications.

A decision to bring Alexa home starts with buying an Alexa built-in device. Amazon Echo Plus is a popular choice as it comes with Dolby powered 360 degrees speakers which provide an immersive sound experience.The latest upgrade to this device is the Amazon Echo Plus which also has a smart hub built inside for better control of smart home devices. Apart from this feature, it also the better speaker quality and has a built-in thermostat. Bring this latest device home and set it up to make Alexa a part of your daily life.

The setup process for most of the Amazon Alexa-compatible Echo devices is same with little difference. Once you Setup Echo Plus, setting up others will be fairly easier and quicker.

To help you breeze through the first experience, here is a step-by-step guide to Setup Echo Plus:

Step 1- Preparation and Essentials

To Setup Echo Plus, there are certain necessary requirements. Make sure your device is placed in a central open space with at least eight inches distance from walls and six feet away from the Wifi router. The Wifi connection should be uninterrupted for a smooth and quick setup. Alexa is compatible with only dual-band wireless networks and does not support peer-to-peer networks. You will also require a mobile device, tablet or desktop to connect the device and wireless network to Setup Echo Plus

Step2 – Power up your Device

You Amazon Echo Plus device does not work on batteries and needs uninterrupted electrical power supply. It comes with a power cable that can be plugged into a switch to fire up the device. The ring light on the device will turn once the device is switched on and will turn orange to indicate that it is ready for the setup process.

Setup Echo Plus
Setup Echo Plus

Step 3- Download Alexa App

With Wifi and device ready to be connected, you will require to Download Alexa App for Setup Echo Plus by Click here http on your operating system(OS) on your mobile device, tablet or desktop. Android users can download this app from the above link which is compatible with 5.0 or higher versions only. For iOS users, Alexa app is compatible with version 9.0 or higher and can be found in the app. Fire OS users, with version 3.0 or higher, can Download Alexa App from Amazon app store. One can also setup the device from your desktop by visiting It is important to have the latest version of the Alexa App before beginning the setup process.

Step 4- Begin Set-up in the App

After you Download Alexa App, it will require you to sign-in with your Amazon account. Select the ‘Set up  a new device’ option from the Alexa app menu to begin the setup process. The first instruction will be to select the device you wish to set up. Choose Echo Plus and check if there is an orange light on your device ring. If it cannot be seen, press the ‘Action’ button on your Echo Plus for five seconds. Once this blinks, the device is in pairing mode.

Step 5- Wireless connection

The next steps shown on the Alexa app will guide you to the Wifi networks available for Setup Echo Plus . The app will prompt you to go to Wifi settings and choose a custom Amazon wireless network to pair with the device. Once this is done, come back to the app, which will now show all available Wifi networks. Just select your preferred network and wait for pairing to complete. This step will take a few seconds depending on the Wifi speed.

Setup Echo Plus
Setup Echo Plus

This will complete the Amazon Echo Plus Setup. Alexa will also prompt you once the setup is complete. To check the pairing, say “Hello” to Alexa and let her greet your back.

 Use the Downloaded Alexa App to keep track of your devices, customize them and control them remotely. You can set up a local address to get geographically relevant information, update Wifi settings, name your Alexa enabled devices or change the wake-up from “Alexa” to “Amazon” or “Echo”. Echo Plus comes with noise cancellation technique which enables Alexa to recognize your voice even when music is playing. You can always ask Alexa what more it can do for you and let it surprise you with its skills.