How to bring Alexa into every room of your home?

How to bring Alexa into every room of your home?

Setting Up Amazon Dot

The Amazon Echo devices are a marvelous product given its multi-tasking features. The Alexa app takes it a step forward by being able to be present in every room of your house and control and monitor various things at a time. All this can be done, by just the command of your voice. Whether it is switching between music channels, having the news or weather report read to you or controlling your smart home, by connecting to the multi-room services, Alexa helps you have a whole hand grab on the operations of your house through this device. Apart from the basics that the Amazon Echo device can do, you can also operate your smart home by Connect Echo to Wi-Fi and connecting the device to other Smart Things in and around your house. Once this connection is done, you will be able to operate switching on and off your fans and lights, opening garage doors, monitoring hallways and more. You can also turn on the multiple room features and listen to music in multiple rooms by connecting it to multiple speakers. Here is a quick step by step process on how to bring Alexa into every room of your house once the process of Setting Up Amazon Dot/Tap has been complete:

  • Once you have set up your Amazon Echo Device and Amazon Echo Wi-Fi Setting, choose the settings section available in the Alexa App
  • Scroll through the app and find an option called “Audio groups” section and choose the “multi-room” option. You need Connect Echo to Wi-Fi throughout this process
  • Groups for different sets of speakers can be created to be able to control them from anywhere in the house. Ensure the Setting Up of Amazon Dot and Amazon Echo Wi-Fi Setup is complete
  • Once this set up has been done, all you have to do is call “Alexa, *insert instruction*” and the smart cloud based app will take care of the work
Alexa Dot Setup

This multi room Alexa set up is a super easy process. Nevertheless, if you have setup problems, guidelines on Setting Up Amazon Dot/Tap can be found online to help you with sorting out the issue. You can first attempt to troubleshoot or restart the device to resolve any problems with Setting up Amazon Dot/tap or Amazon Echo Wi-Fi Setup. Enjoy the perks of the app, from anywhere in your house by using these simple set up steps.


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