How to Connect Amazon Alexa to Wifi

To Setup Amazono Alexa, Download Alexa App for Mac, iphone, Android & Windows from app. The latest version of this app is necessary for the Setup Amazon Echo, Setup Echo Plus, Setup Echo Dot, Setup Echo Tap, Setup Echo Show Wifi. Visit to Download Alexa App for echo setup. After Downloading the app, sign into your Amazon account to get started. You must have heard of Alexa, unless you have been living under a rock. This virtual digital assistant from Amazon has been gaining popularity worldwide and is one of the best voice enabled assistants out there. Amazon Alexa is powered by cloud technology and is available on many devices. The rapid advancements in Alexa’s capabilities combined with new-age devices that form a part of your home decor, will definitely make you want to have one right in your living room. Alexa is capable of performing many tasks and comes loaded with features which keep getting better with time. Just say the wakeup work “Alexa” and see this assistant respond to completely hands-free, with voice instructions. You can speak to Alexa in your natural voice and accent and it will pick up your commands through the speech detection technology. New Alexa enabled devices come with noise cancellation and powerful speakers to make the experience seamless.

Setup Amazon Echo

Alexa comes built-in with devices like Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Plus, Amazon Echo Tap, Fire HD tablets, Amazon Echo Show and many more. There are other devices which can work with Alexa like smart home locks, dimmers, switches and even smart sprinklers to help you make your home truly smart with technology. What makes it even better is that Amazon Echo devices can interact with each and can be controlled through a single Alexa app.

All Echo devices come with Dolby powered speakers with crips and immersive sound experience. They have a ring light on top that flashes blue when Alexa is ready to listen to you along with an ‘Action’ button and mute button on top. Echo Dot also has volume up and volume down buttons on its top face. WIth minimalistic designs all Alexa devices are available in different colours to easily blend into your environment.

All you need to do to get started with making Alexa a part of your daily life is to buy and setup the Echo device. All Echo devices can be setup in almost the same manner. Here is a detailed method to setup Echo and connect Amazon Alexa to Wifi:

Step 1- Before beginning the actual process of setting up your Echo device, you need to plug in the device in a power source with the power cable provided along with the device. Once the device is powered, the ring light on top will turn blue and then turn orange to indicate that device is ready for setup.Make sure you have an uninterrupted dual-band Wifi network available. Alexa is not compatible with peer-to-peer wireless networks.

Download Alexa App
Echo setup Wifi


Step 2- You will need a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop to download Alexa App. The latest version of this app is necessary for the Echo Wifi setup. Visit your device’s app store and search for Alexa app. Download the app and sign into your Amazon account to get started. Alexa App for Amazon Echo Wifi Setup is compatible with Android 5.0 or higher and iOS 9.0 or higher versions. You can also visit from browser on your desktop or laptop to access the app.

Step 3- Go to the ‘Setup a new device’ button on your app’s settings option. This will show you a list of Echo devices that can be set up. Choose your Echo device and continue

Step 4- Select ‘Connect Echo to Wifi’ and proceed. The app will prompt you to check if the orange ring light is appearing on the device. Incase it is not, you will need to press the ‘Action’ button the top of the device and hold for 5 seconds or till the orange ring appears. Now proceed with the setup of Echo device.

 Step 5- Move out your app and turn on Wifi For Setup Echo. Go to your Wifi settings and select a custom Amazon wifi network that will appear temporarily. This will help in establishing connectivity with your device’s Wifi, Alexa and the Alexa app.

Step 6- Come back to the app once Amazon custom Wifi is connected. The Alexa app will now show you a list of available Wifi networks in the vicinity. Once you select your preferred network, the app will take few seconds to establish the connection. That’s it! Your device is successfully setup and your Echo will automatically connect to the preferred wifi connection in future.

With the setup of Echo device complete, you can now choose the downloaded Alexa App to customize your device’s name, add a local address, change time zones, choose language, change the wake up from “Alexa” to “Amazon” or “Echo” and even update wifi if required. To interact with Alexa say a command with the wakeup word like, “Alexa, what is it?” and let Alexa answer you instantly. The more you interact with Alexa the better it becomes at recognising your vocabulary, routines and voice patterns. The Amazon Alexa app also lets you control all devices remotely and check their status.

Alexa can help you set up reminders, manage calls, get weather updates, order food online, hail a cab, maintain a grocery list, play music, read e-books, search online, give updated news,  play games and tell you jokes. Along with these everyday tasks, Alexa can help you set up daily routines and manage your smart home devices with voice commands. If you want to know what more Alexa can do for you, just ask Alexa and let it come up with suggestions.

For best experience, place your Alexa device away from obstructions. Ideally it should be eight inches away from walls and have a minimum distance of six feet from your Wifi router. Echo Plus devices come with inbuilt thermostat and should be placed away from cooling or heating devices for accuracy