How to Use an Amazon Echo for Your Startup Office?

How to Use an Amazon Echo for Your Startup Office?

Setting Up Amazon Dot

To get the most out of Alexa in your office set up, it is important to complete the setting up Amazon Dot process. Here’s how.

1. Mount Amazon Echo device on a Ceiling panel

The device needs to be placed away from any obstructing objects such as walls or windows to make the best use of the microphones. A minimum of 8 inches away needs to be maintained. Although this is a little hard to fix on, it needs to be done for the best performance and response of the speaker as obstructions can cause interferences in its working. The Amazon Echo Wi-fi set up also needs to be done as it is important to Connect Echo To Wi-fi always. There are several ceiling mounts made available to purchase that can be put to good use.

Setting Up Amazon Dot

2. Order Office Supplies

As a start up, with limited human resources at your workplace, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to avoid certain small tasks. This could even mean ordering and taking care of your office supplies such as trash bags, paper towels, etc. You can now save and value your time, by outsourcing such tasks to Alexa. Here is how setting up Amazon dot for this can help:

  1. Install an Amazon Prime account for just $10.99/month (You have a 30 day free trial in the beginning).
  2. Save the items required in your order history as Alexa can only reorder items and cannot place orders for new items.
  3. Call out y saying “Alexa, order my paper towels” or whatever item you choose to order.

This way you save a lot of time and effort and can concentrate on other business deals that matter. It is important to connect Echo to Wi-Fi at all times to successfully place an order.

3. Keep an Office Calendar of Events

Use the device to maintain an office calendar. In a start-up it is important to track and keep every move documented to be able to analyse the results. Keeping a calendar helps you be more organized and prepped for the day.

Right from noting down hiring interviews to visiting social meetings, your schedule needs to be crisply planned. And by integrating your calendar to your device and Alexa app, you can simple have Alexa recite your schedule for the day when you enter into office and be mentally prepared for the same. Ensure that your Amazon Echo wi-fi set-up is complete.


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