Setup Echo Dot to Wifi

Setup Echo Dot to Wifi


To Setup Echo Dot, Firstly you have to Download Alexa App. Click here to Download Alexa App  For Echo Dot Setup Instant help you can call us +1-888-745-1666

Steps to Setup Echo Dot

Step 1. Download Alexa App

To Setup Echo Dot firstly you need to Download Alexa App from http // download. You can also Download Alexa App for mac, Download Alexa App for Pc by click here http//

Step 2.  Turn On Amazon Echo Dot

Next Step For Setup Echo Dot is to  plug in the power adapter into Amazon Echo Dot, Now wait for the device to start and wait for the orange light ring

Step 3. Connect Amazon Echo Dot to Wifi

Now open the Alexa App​ sign in into your account and follow the instructions by Alexa App

Step 4. Talk to Alexa

Now you Amazon Echo Dot is ready to use. The name “Alexa” has been set by default and can be changed by you at any point of time.

For Instant help call us at +1-888-745-1666.




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